About Us

AV Solutions Central is a Premier Search Engine Marketing Agency. Over the years, we have developed a specialised team consisting of SEO strategists, digital marketers, visual designers, researchers and testers. By pioneering new methods, we have found success where others have failed. AV Solutions Central is renowned for being transparent with clients and getting results by ranking business websites on the first page of Google for profitable keywords for the long-term.  The strategies implemented into each website are thoroughly tested and researched beforehand to ensure the best and safest results.

AV Solution Central - SEO and ORM Specialists

We are two entrepreneurs with a background in internet marketing, advanced analytics and programming known for founding AV Solutions Central: a Cutting-Edge Digital Marketing Agency that specialises in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We have been featured in numerous news publications and have personally consulted with C-Level clients at ’ major corporations, Fortune 500 companies, Celebrities, Educational Institutes & Charities. We are proud to manage our very talented team who love to help businesses both on both a local and national scale. We can be found on Page One of Google for profitable keywords. We are also Certified Google Partners for which we are humbled for.

Our SEO Strategist Team

Our SEO Strategists come up with clever and effective ways to determine which profitable keywords customers would type into Google in order to find specific products and services for each industry. They then determine how many customers are searching for those profitable keywords each month using Google search data and then calculate exactly how much revenue is lost each year by not being on Page One of Google for those profitable keywords. To find out all of this information for your business, click here for a complimentary video analysis.

Our Research and Development Team

Our Research and Development team work around the clock in our offices to keep up to date with the latest changes in the Google Algorithm so that all of our client’s website rankings are safe and stable for the long-term.
They have also maintained our Page One Ranking in Google for Premier SEO Agency for over 3 years which is a highly competitive national search term.